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While singing the national anthem, the SC said that he was involved in religious beliefs of Jehovah


The verdict of the Sabarimala Supreme Court is rapidly changing to the national movement. Hundreds of people are on the streets protesting against the court order that allowed women of all ages to enter Sabarimala Temple.
Asked if the court had the authority to interfere in religious matters,
Justice Indu Malhotra, who is the judge of the High Court, said. He said that there were serious consequences for all religions. They said that religious festivals should not be allowed to keep the secular atmosphere in the country. When India has a wide variety of religious rituals and constitutional morals, when he encourages and practices any religion, the court can not intervene in such religious affairs, which may seem discriminatory. The present judgment is not limited to Sabarimala and will be diversified. Do not interfere with the difficulty of hurting religious sentiments. It is a religious matter, “she said. This is a matter of personal faith. India is the home of a different religion. In a multicultural society, constitutional morality gives us the freedom to use irrational practices. The judges can not intervene to determine whether a practice is a violation of basic rights or not. ” The personal view of the judges does not matter. Even if their beliefs are logical or rational, there is freedom to believe in faith and religion. Read the secular mental attitude that religion is not secular to prevent women from interfering in religious matters. The court should be panicking when dealing with religious matters. N. Says FinAndra. Religious matters have become clear that the court can not intervene in such matters. He also added that hurting religious sentiments should not be interrupted in court. In the case of Bijo Immanuel case in 1986, the court observed. After refusing to sing the national anthem, three of Jehovah’s children were expelled from school. They said they’d be leaving an honest song. They believe that their religion is not allowing them to join any ceremonies other than praying to their God, their God. In this case, they have the right to violate the fundamental rights of 19 (1) (a) and 25 (1) of the Court. The court said that they are satisfied with the expulsion of three children from the present court. Because of their religious beliefs, they should not sing national anthem. When the song is sung in honor, stand up respectfully, violate the fundamental freedom of conscience freedom, freedom to promote, train and propagate religion. The attorney appearing for a review of the Sabarimala judgment said that the majority decision on subjects that are not related to the norms required for judicial matters in which they do not deal with factual influence have a factual effect. Divinity can be based on belief in faith and religious belief in a particular religion or religion. Read: Sabarimala: Victorian thought has been criticized for the liberation of India against the Supreme Court verdict. In the judgment, patent argues that not only legally errors but the temple system is fundamentally wrong for menstruation. . Referring to large-scale protests by women’s fans, the petitioners said: “The events that have occurred after the verdict clearly demonstrate that the prohibition of access to men and women is supported by strict adherence to females.”


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