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The smoke pollution has begun today in Delhi


‘Smoke Pollution’, which started at the beginning of the winter capital of the country, started its ‘invasion’ this time. Air quality has fallen from moderate to poor quality in Delhi and worried people. Because of this, the government has decided to enforce defense measures in Delhi from Monday.Although Punjab and Haryana have a ban on crop burning, paddy cultivators have begun to violate the ban and burn crops. As a result, smoke pollution in Delhi and surrounding areas is intensifying and visibility is declining. There is a threat to the air quality ‘overdose’ and the collapse of the breath.The government does not provide adequate financial support to convert crop manures into fertilizers. Farmers have said that they are inevitably leading to crop burning. In 10 days the farmers have to sow wheat, and thus the waste of the paddy is to be burned.Fireworks Company, Anxiety for Merchants:Air pollution in Delhi has worsened with fire-producing companies. The Supreme Court has banned the sale and use of fireworks in the capital area due to a serious level of air pollution in Delhi last year. So when the countdown started for Diwali now, air pollution in Delhi has reached poor levels. If last year’s ban was banned earlier this year, there were fireworks manufacturers and merchants of Shivakasi in Tamil Nadu who were worried that they would suffer a huge loss. In the wake of the last year’s ban, heavy fireworks have remained unchanged. Delhi’s traders have expressed concern that traders will have to suffer a lot of hardship this year.Pollution to the poor level On Sunday morning, Delhi had a total pollution index of 201 mm (PM-10mm per meter wind quality). It is considered poor quality, satisfying 51-100 levels, 101-200 levels are normal, 201-300 poor, 301-400 is the worst and 401-500 levels are measured as the most serious climate level.Action to prevent pollution The Delhi administration has set up a number of strategies that will be implemented on Monday to prevent smoking pollution in Delhi from crop burning. The project has been set up by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, including garbage burning, disruption of buses, use of diesel generator use, parking 3-4 times for private vehicle use, increase in metro rail buses.


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