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Indian scientist insulted for not being Hindu Charges


Dr. Karan Johny

“Me and three friends have been expelled from the Garba hall in Atlanta, USA because my surname does not resemble Hindus,” said a famous space physicist from Vadodara, a resident of the United States.Doctor of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (Ligo) scientists who discovered gravity waves. Karan Johni (29) has been charged with serious charges. “The organizers of the ceremony organized at Atlanta’s Shakti Shakti Mandir have been expelled from the auditorium” by Facebook and Twitter. Despite six years of joni Garba dancing at this temple, no problem was present. Speaking to the organizers in the Gujarati language, he said he refused to admit.Also posted a related video footage on the social networking site. “I do not look like Hindus and I do not like the name of the surname Hindus in the identity card in 2018 and Shantakthi of Atlanta refused to let me and my friends participate in Garba Dance.”Friends have given a volunteer identity card but said that Sarname had been sent out as “Wala” because he was not allowed to.”We do not come to your ceremony and will not let you,” one volunteer told a friend. A friend with me belongs to the Konkani community and first came to Garba. Her surname is Murudeshwar. When he told volunteers that he belonged to the Marathi community, he said, “What is Kannada, you are Ismail”. Johnny claims that he has not faced such an insult despite having lived in America for the last 12 years.


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