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Gurgaon judge’s wife dies Son’s brain dead


A judge’s wife was injured in a group of private security personnel in Gurgaon. His 18-year-old son was declared “brain dead,” officials said on Sunday.Additional Sessions Judge Krishna Kant’s wife Ritu (45) and son Dwu (18) were on the autumn market on Saturday when they shot at Manipal. He was hospitalized in critical condition.Regional Medical Officer, Gurgaon Civil Hospital, Pawan Choudhury confirmed that Ritu’s death and post-mortem examination were conducted. “Ritu’s death was due to excessive bleeding. The team of three specialist doctors found two fatal injuries in the middle and between the chest, “Choudhury said. Dhrav shot dead and brain dead. They are subject to a life support system. If he saved, it was wonderful, the medical officer said. At 1 pm Manipal was taken to Gurgaon court and sent to police for four days.The Gurgaon police sought a one-week arrest for Mahapal’s extensive trial to set up the reason for filming Ritu and Drew.A Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been established to investigate the case from all angles.”A senior police officer, who is part of the inquiry team, said,” Manipal is frequently changing his statements and he is furious whenever he questions and is depressed by family problems. ” According to police, the police said they were not happy with the behavior of the victim’s family and the police repeatedly fought with his wife.Following the initial hearing of the accused, police officials said he was a Haryana Police Head Constable and served as the personal security guard of the two-year judges. The officer said he had been forced to leave for the last few days but was not permitted.”The judge often blamed him,” the investigators said.On Saturday, the judge’s wife blamed him in the car when he was going to the market, the officer said. “He resorted to hatred against the judge.”Following the crime, Additional Sessions Judge Krishna Kant said Manipal had informed the incident about the incident. Ritu’s family members first decided to take his body to Himalayas for burial. Later they returned to Medanda Hospital to donate their organs.The shooting was on Saturday at 3.30 pm, police said.Police said Ritu suffered a bullet injuries in his chest.In the video footage of the witness recorded, Manipal has appeared in his hand gun. They were trying to push the pole inside the car.


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