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Ambulance for emergency treatment system for metro commuters


Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation has launched the ambulance van and bike ambulance service at Kempegowda Metro station in Majesty to facilitate emergency healthcare for our metro passengers.Nearly 1.90 lakh passengers travel to Yalchenahalli-Nagasandra (Green Route) at an approximate cost of 1.65 lakh and Baiyappanahalli-Mysore Road (Violet Line). Thus,3.6 lakh to 4 lakh people travel every day on our metro train. So for many years the urgency to provide emergency health care services for passengers’ health care.The BMRCL Majestic Kempegowda metro rail station has launched ambulance and bike ambulance service at the moment. So far some events have occurred at some metro stations in the city for health emergencies.Women, children, and elderly are largely dependent on the metro. Due to crowding, all classes of people are moving to Metro. It has also increased the number of passengers daily from day one. For each of these reasons, the safety of each passenger is responsible for our metro corporation. The Metro corporation’s senior officials have informed that this facility will be launched at Kempegowda Metro Rail Corporation for the first time and will be launched at other stations in the future.We urged women to make a separate bogey system. Now, the number of Metro trains in six bogies is increasing and the deficit is expected. Ambulance service is good at the Majestic station at Metro Corporation.But most importantly, all the metro stations in the city had to have a first aid facility. At any station, there is no first aid box anywhere in the passenger’s eye. Sunita Roykar, a private company employee, said,Tell the Guard then the health problem Speaking to senior officials of BMRCL have not placed first aid boxes at metro stations everywhere. However, all the medical facilities for the first treatment The station controller of the respective stations will be in the same. If the passenger finds a health problem or injures, the station’s security staff informs the station controller.Immediately go to the venue and provide treatment facility. If we need more treatment, we will be cooperating with emergency services. The stations requested the Guards to inform if any emergency service was needed.


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