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Tearful actress Jinta remembers the moment that came close to her death


It was December 26, 2004. Actress Preity Zinta enjoyed the holiday season with her peers in Phuket. Unfortunately, the tsunami caused by the outbreak of nature has fallen to 2 lakh and 30,000 people. The Indian Ocean overflowed. Time destroyed waves of size. Actress Zinta says she has changed my way of life in my eyes.

Lost friends.
Millions of people abandoned this world in the worst tsunami. There are also my best friends. Love for the soul of all of them is the kind of love, ‘I was really dead. I’m in Phuket. All my closest friends died. But I am alive. He said the situation was the most difficult time in life. ” As I was coming back, I was drowning in a single plan. Why am I alive This is the case for me to have a head on my head. That’s something to do in life. Soon afterwards, I was told that the Indian Premier League was launched.

Lalit met Modi
The miracle I survived in Tsunami really led to some sort of change in me. I met Lalit Modi at a award ceremony. Speaking to Lalit Modi during the racket, I put forward my desire to start a sports school. It’s my dream and my father’s dream to start a sports school. But I did not even know that I did not know that the sports school would need Rs 1000 crore to start. But Lalit Modi, who called during the IPL bidding, questioned me why you should not do this. All this is not the case. But I did. She is also a sympathetic figure of love.


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