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People in Karnataka are alert and there is a swine flu in the state


The swine flu (H1N1) monster started to tantalize in the state and has so far killed five people. Four of these five have died of swine flu in the past 13 days. In addition, the number of infected people is doubling as the number of infected people continues to grow.The Health Department has approved the death of swine flu in the state for the first time, and in the first week of Friday, Know that it is a sacrifice. However, these five were not clear when and when the death occurred.According to a report by the Health Department, a report on ‘Kannan Dua Bhai’, the first victim of swine flu in the state was on August 27.As a matter of fact, healthcare providers have not declared that they have died from swine flu in the state of the week or so. It was clear that the middlemen were not aware of the death of swine flu from the virus. However, in the state of Venkat, the state has five deaths. However, the five who died from swine flu have not released the definition of the death of the five who were killed in the middle.Five of the state’s five swine flu victims have been reported in the joint report of the Health Bureau of Health Insurance, which is available in the state. The first death occurred on August 27th. Four people were killed by swine flu by the time of October 10. Overall, five have died in recent days.The Health Authority of India has asked the State Health Department to identify the death audit committee at the district level, “Why did the death of swine flu be delayed?” This delay is due to the delay in confirmation, “he said.Four deaths in 13 days H1N1 is exacerbating day by day. H1N1 infection has been reported in 155 people over the past ten days. The deaths of four have increased further.A 24-year-old woman from Tumkur, 55-year-old man in Ramanagara, 39-year-old man in Bellary and 37-year-old woman in Bangalore Rural died of H1N1 infection. Joint Director of Health Department informed the Health Department on April 10. The health department confirmed it on Friday evening.Three of the dead were Rajiv Gandhi’s thoroughbred hospital in Bangalore and another in Manipal hospital. H1N1 is also confirmed in the dead four laboratory report.

Command order

The state government has been ordered to extend severe swine flu cases in the state. On Friday, 63 suspected cases were reported on Friday and 15 were confirmed by H1N1. In this context, all preliminary and district hospitals across the state need to take precautionary measures. Any symptoms should be treated without negligence if found. The health department has also directed the authorities to visit the habitat of the victims and prevent it from controlling swine flu.

Who is the victim of swine flu?

According to information available to ‘Kannada Prabha’, Tumkur’s BR. Kavya Kamakshi (24) was admitted to the hospital on August 24 and died on August 27.Govindan (55), a resident of Ramanagar, was admitted to the hospital on September 25 and the H1N1 confirmed on October 5, However, he died on April 7.Bellary’s Siddappa H. The boat (39) was hospitalized on September 11 and died on September 30. Gangaratnamma (37) from Basavanahalli village of Bangalore village was admitted to hospital on April 6. He died on April 10.On August 27, the details of the deceased Kamakshi’s details were given to the Health Department late on April 10. In addition, the information was released on April 12, without release to the media, though the information was released to the Health Department. The Health Department did not provide the appropriate reason for following this delay.


The patient with H1N1 (swine flu) infection appears to have a lung infection, cough, fever, breathing problems, and severe my-hand pain. Once you find these symptoms, consult the doctor and get proper treatment.H1N1, which appears in three phases, can cause anxiety disorders if it is not initially treated. The first stage is that of normal fever, cough, cold and nausea. It should be treated with treatment for 1-2 days. In the second stage, fever and cough are often caused by yellow fever, high doses or vomiting, colds and throat irritation.At the 3rd level, acute respiratory problems appear to be associated with blood, wheezing, and pneumonia in acute fever. At this point, the patient reaches a serious stage. Treatment at this stage is difficult. Therefore, the first and second stage symptoms should be treated as soon as possible.

Precautionary action

It should be treated immediately after diagnosis. Precautions should be avoided by infections. The suspected patient must be treated separately. Personal emphasis should be emphasized. When coughing, napkins should be used during sneezing. Nutrition and clean fresh food should be consumed. Well sleep. Spit and sneeze in public places. The environment and the surrounding environment should be kept clean. Wearing a mask where the crowds are


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