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It was happening while putting petrol


On Wednesday October 10th at 3pm companies responded to 20 Route 4 East Lukoil for a gas pump on fire. A driver prematurely pulled away from the pump before refueling was completed causing the pump to break away from the base and the gasoline vapors ignited. A attendant from the gas station attempted to extinguish the fire with extinguishers and he was successful after the emergency fuel cut off switch was hit. Upon arrival of the fire companies fire was out. A precautionary handline was stretched while companies checked for extension. Companies remained on scene for the arrival of the building department. No injuries were reported. Hackensack police to handle the investigation. The below video shows the incident.

Posted by City of Hackensack Fire Department on Thursday, October 11, 2018

The New York Hakseak firefighters shared a warning video, and gave the message that if gas pumps do not follow the precautionary measures.In the video A red car was putting petrol. The fuel board, which has a petrol pump tank’s displacement, has pulled up the car when it was fueled.Most fire is damaged as soon as the fire has turned off the fuel-resistant switch. Fortunately no life is dead. This video has seen more than 3000 views in the 21st share on Facebook. Investigations by Haksak police.


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