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How did Odisha weaken the hurricane tragedy?


It’s October 29-30, 1999. The thunderstorm hit the Odisha coast is unusual. 281 km / h The cyclone “Super Cyclone”, which raced with fast winds, rained 48 hours. At least 10,000 people were killed in the clash. Millions of people lost their houses and fell into the street. The crops were completely destroyed. Helped the world community of Odisha. Odisha learns that lesson. In the future, such a hurricane began preparing to face.What is the reason for that misery?In 1999 the Indian Meteorological Department did not develop much technically. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, had to weather information from Delhi, the capital of the country. There was no proper communications system between government departments.Non-governmental organizations were also to wait for all government ministries. The overall effect was that of the general population. It was difficult for people to go to safer places without the availability of the tornadoes at the right time. It is common for people to be victims of Cyclone.Now why is not Odisha damaged?
After 1999, the Odisha government prepared to confront the winds as the world admires. The Odisha government prepared a new disaster management system for the future. For that reason, the government has made communications between non-Governmental organizations, the Meteorological Department and the people affected by the problem.Meanwhile, the Department of Meteorology acquired a system of understanding of climate change with the help of France’s international system, the most advanced computer and satellites. Meanwhile, the Central Government passed the first Disaster Management Act. It also strengthened the system to provide information including the Indian Meteorological Department, Geological Survey, ISRO, Central Water Resources Commission, Survey Department, National Remote Sensing Center.The efficient work of all these systems has helped greatly in preventing the storm tragedy. Information was transmitted through the media to people affected by the storm. Information and communication are managed by media, mobile, hotline and visas. People who received information immediately sent over 15 lakh people to safe places. This is a great deal of work. This left thousands of people alive. And avoided trouble. Odisha has been able to deal with all of them, even though many hurricanes have struck from there.Death toll from 4 to 2:In October 12, 2013, the crash winds (Cyclone Failin) ​​crashed in Odisha, where the sophisticated Cyclone learned lessons. 150 km per hour The wind blows fast, with just 24 people dead and 24 injured. (44 Odisha, 1 death in Andhra) The height of the sea rises to 5 feet high, but the death toll was not the highest. Later, only 38 people were injured in another cyclonic hoodhood. The hurricane has hit the present. Of them eight people were killed. The number of victims of natural disasters gradually declines from four to two in the preceding order of Odisha.120 hours ago Cyclone alert for Odisha:
Odisha’s first priority for weather forecasts is to create a weather forecaster doppler radar network across the state. Many of them are already working. Fishermen are warned not to land in the sea a week before. Odisha cyclone will be available as soon as 120 hours with the help of advanced technologies. Odisha has recently implemented the Early Warning Dismission System (EWDS). The Odisha Disaster Management Agency provides a siren alert message through 122 towers around 480 km in coastal areas.Multiplex gangrene is always ready:
Another threat to Odisha disaster is that the Odisha king, who has always been at risk for natural disasters, has built up 800 multifarious stations. The foodstuffs are always stored in rural areas of hazardous areas where hurricane strikes. In addition, there are active cyclone management centers in dangerous areas in Odisha. Its main office is the village panchayat. At each center, young people trained for protection are assigned. Defense supplies are also distributed. That is why the Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Group has established 20 units of the group, trained to face situations such as hurricanes, buildings falling, floods etc. The government also actively works for the supply and protection of essential goods in such a case.Congratulations to the United Nations for Odisha Precautions:The worst of Odisha’s disaster after the disaster by Super Cyclone hit in 1999 is how the world is ideal for how it should be prepared. After 1999, Odisha was hit by a cyclonic cyclone in 2011. In the precautionary measure, about 15 lakh people were stabbed to a safe place by the government and avoided the great disaster. In addition, the Odisha government has built concrete houses instead of clay houses in hazardous areas. Most Useful Cyclone Shelters. Better roads and bridges have been developed in the hurricane-hit districts of Odisha. Soon people will not go to cyclone shelters


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