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25,000 traffic daily on Bangalore Mysore Road


It is noteworthy that traffic congestion in Bangalore-Mysore road is a huge traffic. Over 25,000 vehicles are being routed on this national highway, according to a survey report.Iconcon India Pvt Ltd has conducted a survey of vehicles on the Bangalore-Mysore highway from August 25 to September 5. The number of vehicles is increasing and the six-lane highway has to be commissioned soon.Bum-Mai 6 Road, Opposition to the Fly Over Construction Vehicles surveyed on highway for seven days of the week with a variety of sophisticated machines. The survey revealed that 30,000 vehicles were on Saturday and Sunday.Bangalore-Mysore 6-lane road works begin in 2 months According to the survey, 50,000 vehicles will be transported daily during Mysore Dasara. The survey also suggested that the six-lane road work should be started soon to reduce the travel time between the two cities.Fuel and Forest Department disrupted Bangalore-Mysore road wideningMore traffic in the morning, evening
What time is more traffic More vehicles are operated between 7 am to 10 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm on Bangalore-Mysore road. According to the survey, at least 9 pm, the bike, car and small vehicles will be carrying traffic at 9 pm.Traffic on the highway
Survey for 7 days The Bangalore-Mysore highway has been surveyed for a period of 7 days. 25,000 vehicles are routed daily. Vehicle traffic is high on Saturday, Sunday, and government holidays. On Saturday and Sunday 30,000 vehicles were also informed about the traffic.

Outer State Vehicles
4 section survey

Vehicles on the highway are divided into 4 segments and surveyed. State-owned vehicles and commercial vehicles have been surveyed and the full report of the survey will be released by IFFC India Pvt Ltd soon.

6th road
Work soon

The six-lane road between Bangalore-Mysore and the two-way service road is expected to begin soon. Public Works Minister HD Revanna discussed with the National Highway Authority officials. The work will begin immediately after land acquisition process is completed.


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