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Yuvika Choudhary is a lavish engagement


Who does not know the star prince nurula of reality shows? We do not even know Uvikha Choudhary, who has acted with Golden Star Ganesh in Sandalwood’s super hit movie ‘Maleyyale jotheyalli.Yuva’s wedding is sounding loudly in the bouton courtyard Now the couple’s news is ringing in the Bitown courtyard. Yes. Prince himself claimed to be married to Yuvika. Yuvika is a popular actress from Hindi and Punjabi films, Rhodes of Prince M. TV, Spitswilla and Big Boss-9. Both are friends at Bigbase 9’s reality show, then lovers.

Luckily engaged
Prince, who left the wedding ceremony in an interview, said he would marry in Punjabi tradition. It is also guaranted that Prince and Yuva will become a couple in the end of this year. Yes, there are no gangsters now. Mehandi and Ring change ceremonies have been fulfilled in the same way as you have. Prince Narula-Uvika Choudhary’s wedding will be held in Mumbai for three days. Vidhu Yuvika Chaudhary shares herself in her instagram in the video of the Mehandi ceremony. Prince-Yuva Mehndi shared a video of celebration.

Yuvika Chaudhary has shone with a green leaf on the Mehandi ceremony. Mehandi performed the flower jewelery made specially for the ceremony. Wearing a white kurta looked like Prince Simple and Handsome. After the Mehandi ceremony, the pair changed the ring. Today the couple will step into their marriage. The couple is in the dungeon of the newlyweds and greetings of Bollywood people.


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