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Shankar died at Chennai residence, founder of IAS Academy


Shankar Devarajan, founder and CEO of Shankar IAS Academy, died on Thursday, October 11, at Mylapore, Chennai on October 11, the popular civil services coaching institute in Tamil Nadu. For personal reasons 45-year-old professors have taken their own lives.Shankar was late on Thursday night at St Isabel Hospital in Mylapore. Where he was declared dead. His body was later taken to the Roypetta government hospital for posthumous death.This news was shocked by many of his students across the country and Shankar from Krishnagiri started the Institute in Anna’s Chennai in 2004. His academy was the first state to be trained by IAS and IPS aspirants. His academy has been a national reputation and hundreds of officers have been appointed as different states in India.The Academy recently opened a large building in the city.MLA R. Rajajz, who took classes in the academy since 2010, said, “He was a very honest and intelligent young man, and soon he made his academy a successful venture and he failed and tired of all his efforts. Especially decided to give knowledge to help other students. ”

My Guru Our Guru is no more. It is sudden, unexpected and disheartening.You will be remembered and cherished by…

Posted by Anusuya M on Thursday, October 11, 2018

God i wish this was fake. The unforgettable name in the minds of 1000s of IAS and IPS officers. A man who made me…

Posted by Ajay J on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Shankar is survived by his wife Vaishnavi and two daughters.


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