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Ramya is ready to contest, but not for me Ranjitha Ready for Competition


Her mother Ranjitha asked the leaders to allow them to contest the Ramlila Mandya seat.She prepared herself. The affidavit is being prepared in the name of Ramya and Rana. Attended a certificate to create an affidavit. Mandya Lok Sabha Election BJP candidate final Congress has 5 lakh voters in Mandya. In the last election, Remy has lost some votes. This time, JD (S) will contest the by-elections in 2019 general elections. Rimminka is contesting in Rima Mandya for fun So bring them tickets. Ranita refused to leave the leaders who did not give me. Party nominees said they were ready to give tickets before filing nominations. Ramya is contesting as Congress candidate from Mandya “If I have the opportunity to contest the Mandya and Lok Sabha elections, I am contesting Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Ramya has no connection with the Mandya Congress The BJP has launched new projects to strengthen the social networking site of the Congress. So, Mandya is not going to come. You’re asked to compete with romance. But we are all committed to party decision. People said that they were our target.


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