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Nitya Menon launches new cinema poster


Nitya Menon will now appear in a different movie. Now a new poster of the movie has been released.Niti Menon is a new film Nitya Menon is the face of the face. She has acted with many star actors in Kannada and has also been named in a variety of languages by different languages. Now, the actress is ready to shine through the film ‘Prana’.

Cinema expectations are expected to increase. ” Prana ‘. Cinema poster is a release of the film. A poster of Nitya Ghazi’s scene between the two feet is currently released and has increased the expectation of the film.’Prana’ in four languages The movie is still in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. VK. Prakash has directed the film. The film has been directed by Resul Pukutty. The shooting of the movie has already gone drought.


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