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‘Kangana’ again accused of Hrithik Roshan. ?


Last year, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranawat had alleged that Hrithik Roshan was in Reliance Ship with me. Hrithik dismissed the charge as much as possible. From then on, there was a dip in the house. At this moment, Meetu campaigns in Bitown have been wholly sounded and Hrithik Roshan has acted against director Vikas Baal.

Vikas. Bale. Hrithik raises voices against him
Actress Kangana also accused the director of opposing Vikas. Meanwhile, Hrithik Roshan has left behind Bhesh and Hrithik opposite actress Kangana Ranawat. Kangana Khadak has said that no one should work with Hrithik Roshan. The words spoken by Kangana are currently being discussed in Bollywood. “What’s happening to Vikas is right.There are many people who are not well-behaved with women in our industry. There are those who abuse women. They should be punished.


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