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#GoodNews Coffee Blend by Andhra Farmers Win Gold Medal in Paris


The Indian Coffee brand, ‘Araku’, produced by the tribals of Andhra Pradesh, won the gold medal in Paris, the Prix epicures in Paris or the 2018.Most of the tribal farmers are individually manufactured, the first Indian coffee mix to be awarded the Coffee Prize for their production, News 18 reported. This is a major victory for India against popular coffee mixes from Sumatra, Colombo and other areas.Coffee brand araku was created in an attempt to provide tribal youth more opportunities in the Araku Valley of the state.Although the brand made its debut in Paris in 2017, the unique coffee mix is ​​still not available in India. However, it may change soon.I urge everyone to appreciate Adivasi farmers in Araku area and to appreciate @Rakkupee in Paris. Won a prestigious gold medal for the best coffee pod at Paris, Paris Prix Effects or 2018 Awards. @ Ananth Mahindra @ Chris_SweetPict Twitter / 4PJV6SbgHh- Manoj Kumar (@ Manoj_Nandi) October 9, 2018 The initiative to take overseas branding and create global presence has been led by the Nandi Foundation, supported by Anand Mahindra and his company. Mahindra was one of the directors.After receiving this award, Anand Mahindra went to Twitter to express how this international win would be a milestone for India.

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The most important milestone that appears on 1st glance. Indian Coffee is one of the best coffee brands on the market in the backward part of India, grown by Adivasius on India’s Honorable Land. This cracked the Premium Division of India’s Food Brands https://t.co/Uyk5YbdCeh- Anand Mahindra (@andandmahindra) October 10, 2018
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Araku also maintains its own store in the trendy Mail-Marais neighborhood of Paris and also reports that the La Grande Epicerie also sells at the grocery store.


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