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Giant waves rushing to sea turbulent houses in Mangalore


Did the storm effect created by the Odisha and Andhra Pradesh turmoil hit the state coast? This is a doubt. The sea wave is crashing into seaside houses over the last two days.The apocalypse took over a kilometer of land on the outskirts of Mangalore and threatened the residents of the seabed.The Arabian Sea, which has to be cool on the crack, is bobbing at once. The seafarer of Mangalore is turbulent, with the seafront rudravarthar from the storm effect.Thousands affected by floods in Mangalore The people of Ullal, Someshwara, Uchila and Kaiko are on the outskirts of Mangalore. The hurricane direct effect is on the maritime coast of Mangalore. But what a storm effect is not known. Here are some information on this …One kilometer area Sea share The maritime coastal area of ​​Ullal, Kaiko, Mukkachcheri, is a sea turbine in the Uchila Peribail area of ​​Someshwar, with a land area of ​​about one kilometer.


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