Home Business Fruit and vegetable will be found in Amazon

Fruit and vegetable will be found in Amazon


Online Market Amazon India is slowly moving to India’s retail market. Amazon acquires 523 supermarkets and 20 hypermarkets for Aditya Birla Retail Group. The long-term online company will start selling fruit and vegetables.Amazon has not officially stated this. This is clear by the copy of the Amazon Agreement. Amazon has already started selling millets. A good response is available. So slowly Amazon is thinking of fruit and vegetable sales.Many online companies, including Amazon, are offering products at a lower rate and faster than consumer home. It has influenced retailers. It is difficult to trade 2,000 rupees a day for vegetable traders in Bangalore. The rain shore is a complete business bar. So, if Amazon-like company starts selling online, the number of people coming to the store will be further reduced.


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