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father killed 20days old girl


Whatever the technologies have been, parents have not only been able to get rid of their attitude towards women.Father arrested for killing a newborn baby from an illegal relationship Our society will succeed when we realize that she is equal to a man and she has the ability to care for her parents. There is also a reason to put this organism.A mysterious disappearance of a journalist, a thriller incident in the embassy!The incident took place in Bangalore when a 20days old girl was allegedly murdered by a baby boy, Nepalese-based Gokul, who lives in Subbhanapalya, His wife complained to the Banaswadi police station in connection with the incident. The police arrested the accused. It has come to light that he was murdered by a girl child and not murdered in anger.An online game is a son who kills parents!The question is, what has been done to him for twenty days? Earlier, scanning at hospitals was a woman who knew that she was pregnant, but it is ironic that there are still people who are still murdered by a baby.


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