Home Business Petrol price hiked by Rs 87.82 per liter

Petrol price hiked by Rs 87.82 per liter


Petrol and diesel prices have increased by 10 paise and 27 paise respectively in Delhi.petrol was sold at Rs 82.36 per liter,In Mumbai, Petrol and diesel rates have been increased by 9 paise and 29 paisa. Petrol price is Rs 87.82 per liter And diesel sales at Rs 78.22.Fuel prices have witnessed a steep increase over the past few months. He repeated that global crude oil prices and other international factors have been fueling prices of petroleum products, as Opposition repeatedly does not make the central government a checksheet on prices.On October 4 the central government would pay Rs 2.50 per liter. Rs 1.50 per liter on crude oil price While making this announcement, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that all state governments have a fuel price of Rs.5


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