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For Shahrukh-Salman Local Star Yash Challenge ..!


The long-awaited KGF movie of Kannada cinema is going to be released on the release date. The film, which has been screened by itself, has revealed that the film is being screened in five languages, including Hindi, on December 21 at Christmas festival. Bollywood’s Zero Cinema is also scheduled to release on December 21. King Khan Shahrukh – Cinema Zero of Salman Khan Acting.The KGF directed by Prashant Nil has witnessed many early years in Kannada cinema. Already Bitun’s renowned producer Farhan Akhtar has decided to release Anil Tadani worldwide. So KGF will open the range of Bollywood movies. Zero will give a tough fight to box office boxes. Shahrukh Khan has a very different role as a dwarf in Zero Cinema. Another specialist is the guest apparition at the box office Sultan Zeira. Khan has made a huge comeback from dvd movies. Local star Yash Challenge is currently shooting for Bollywood Super Stars. It is really a Kannada film that has been for many years.


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