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12-year-old boy, who was victim of a scary bluel game in artillery.


A 12-year-old student committed suicide by hanging himself at the Mahalakshmi Layout of Kalaburagi city.Effective (12) young boy who committed suicide in Bluewell. It is suspected of being a victim of the Task of the Efficient Blueville Game. He was studying in Class VIII at a competent private school. It is learned that he was alone two days before he committed suicide.He has brought  the CD of Bluewell Game to home two days before he was potential. And he was trying to folding his two hands. When the parents asked him about this, he was lying about the activity taught at the school. Currently, on Monday evening, at 7am, he has been sent to Panipuri to play with his mother. There are reports that Bluelvel’s death is at this point in the Task, and he is capable of hanging up the potential whale to the hanging. The case was registered at Raghavendra Nagar police station.Here is the Blue Whale Game It is a Russian-based horror online game, also known as the Blue Whale Challenge. There are 50 Tasks, including listening to music in this game, getting up early in the morning. In which the last game will jump down from the tallest building. The person must send photos to the witness before participating in this challenge. Then it’s about to fly from the building.


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