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Vegetable Price: Lentil is expensive


Following the Mahalaya Amavasya, line-up festivals come as some vegetable and greens in the market are slowly increasing.The rainfall in the state has hit the yield of greens. This has resulted in a rise in prices for consumers. Currently, the flower-price stability in the KR market has been stagnant and vegetable and gourd prices are skyrocketing. Each kg of cinnamon is Rs 30, cardamom banana 80s, apple 80s -120, pomegranate 80s. The vegetable price is about 10-20% higher.Beans 30-40s, Carrot 40-50 Rs. Has risen. Overall the various vegetable prices are 40-50 rupees. Nearly, consumers are thinking.The price of flower at KR market is no different. The demand for flowering in the Gauri-Ganesh festival was lost after demand. Jasmine bud KG300, Kanakambara KG 200 to Rs. 30 to Rs. 50 on consumption quality. Up to sale. With the price rise to Vijayadashami festival, the business is expected to be a good trading venture.

The Leaf Vegetables is expensive:

The rain caused severe damage to the germination crop, yielding to the extent of yield. So the price of leaf vegetables is increasing day by day. People are thinking of buying sap because the price is high. KR Market has grown from Rs 20 to Rs 50 and Farm Coriander has risen from 10 to 30. Palak, Sapphire 30s, Menthay, Small bedding is sold at 20. The demand was reduced due to the excess of leaf vegetables hit the business.

Hopcams Vegetable Price (per kg)

Bean 43 rs ,thogarikai 40rs,Carrot planting up to 52 rupees,Double beans 55 rupees,Beans Rs 36,Beat Route 20 Rs.,Tomato 12s,Onions are moderate to Rs 24,Potato is Rs 33,Capsicum 32s,Lentil Sapphire 46rs,Sago Leaves 108rs,Palak ,Leaves 68rs,Fruits Price

Fruits Price

Apple Rs 118,Green Apple Rs 240,Chandra Banana 64 Rs.small banana 25rs,Banana 68rs, Sapota 56rs,Ooty Orange 70s


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