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The worker has got Rs 1.5 crore Diamond


It’s not so exciting to get a treasure here when you have a treasure here! Such a great pleasure is now a worker. That’s why he’s got a diamond worth Rs 1.5 crore. That lucky man is a 30-year-old Motilal Prajapati, a worker in Madhya Pradesh. Dug MotiLal has a 42.9-carat diamond diamond in the mine in Panna, Madhya Pradesh. At the price of the government, Motilal Karodapati will remain in the 12th Royalty. Motilal had leased a space of 64 square meters in the list village one and a half months ago to Rs 250 per year. He got this diamond in that space.Thus, if a person in Panna Mines, who can get a check up of a fortune of about 250 rupees a year, the area of ​​64 square meters can be tested. In the month of July, 2017, a farmer would get Rs 20 lakh. He had a diamond of 5.8 carat worth. The diamond found in Motilal is the second largest diamond ever in the area. The diamond of 44.55 carat here is the largest diamond ever made in 1961.


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