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Chennai to host Indo-West 3rd T20 match


The BCCI’s new rule has now become a headache for state cricket institutions. The tussle between BCCI and state cricket continues for the free ticket (complimentary pass). The Indo-West Indies will now play in the third T-30 match between India and West Indies in Chennai.The I, J and K stands closed at the Chidambaram stadium in Chennai. There are currently 24,000 seating arrangements available. Tamil Nadu Cricket Association will get 600 tickets in 2400 free passes. In addition, the co-operative institutions have to pay ticket at discounted rates. He warned that the match could not be organized.According to the BCCI’s new constitution, the stadium seats should be sold to the public for 90 per cent seats. The BCCI has to pay 5 per cent of the remaining 10 per cent tickets. The BCCI has decided to give it 600 additional free pass state cricket.The match between India and the West Indies was shifted to Visakhapatnam on April 24 when Madhya Pradesh objected to this. It is likely that the Chennai match will now be shifted.


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