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Nana answer this ..?


Nana Patekar participated in today’s press conference. He spoke again. Tanushree is responsible Actor Tanushree has filed a complaint against Nana Patekar. Nana Patekar has accused me of sexually harassment. Thereafter, there has been considerable progress and discussions in Bollywood. But all these questions are wrong.Advocate advised. News show. Canceled.Yes, today’s media is hosted by Gotti Nana Patekar. But I quickly canceled this news. But when the news was canceled, many questions were raised. Then Nana repeatedly spoke to the media again. I have not spoken to the media in the advice of the advocate. “I have canceled the news of our lawyer,This is a false accusationYes, the answer to this allegation is that the ten-year-old allegations are now alive again. I’ve told you this is a pain. This is a lie. This allegation is very far away from the truth. It is a lie that is said to be ten years old.


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