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European News A journalist raped and murdered


Europe was shocked by the rape and murder of a 30-year-old Bulgarian Marina in Bulgaria.TV journalist and commentator Victoria Marinaova was killed in Bolivia Rusezi, Europe on October 5. Third journalist murder in Europe this year Victoria was an investigative journalist. Their life is considered to be one. Although some findings are not accurately reported due to murder, some investigative reports have recently been reported to have been targeted.There is no time limit for sexual harassment Maneka Gandhi Victoria’s rape and murder have held many discussions on social media. Russlan Trade
Victoria reports scam report Bulgaria journalist Victoria Mariano was raped and murdered. In the European countries, allegations of misuse of public funds and a report on corruption include the Russlan Trade

Deniza Sekova
There is no media freedom in Europe!
Their last report was about corruption. In my country, Deniza Sekova is the media’s freedom.

Ana Glacao
The journalists are trying to eliminate human rights
Victorian assassination is not simply the death of media freedom. The silence of journalists who fight corruption and immorality has propagated human rights of journalists.

How can I honor her?
The best way to respect Ba’Totoya is to complete the investigation that half of the media is present. Twitter account Frof Berter tweeted


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