Home Editorial Desk Do you know how to get ‘Nota’ in 4 days?

Do you know how to get ‘Nota’ in 4 days?


The political thriller of ‘Notta’ is now box office crash. Vijay Devkandala is the heroine of the Telugu film industries. The Abhiyan Zon is made in the region of Tamil and Telugu. It is directed by Anand Shankar and released in 5.5.The first day of the release was a record business. Industrial analysis has around 14 billion business performances worldwide.Though Nova released her as a language film, Dubbed was dubbed in Telugu. But Andhra Pradesh and Telangana spent Rs 4.60 crores. Collected. The speakers in Telugu and Tamil are mixed reviews.Rs 25 crore will be spent in one week. According to film reviewers, it is a hit movie.


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