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Within four years, over 55,000 jobs will be created in the UAE


Microsoft and cloud service companies will create over 55,000 jobs in the UAE within four years, according to a new study.The study conducted by the International Data Corporation showcased changes in job opportunities in the UAE from 2017 to 2022 through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Cloud Services and Microsoft Habitat.The report also pointed out that these projects have also helped improve investment in the country’s IT sector, while UAE Vision 2021 and Smart Dubai have focused on tourism, healthcare, transport and education through leading government schemes.The ICT estimates that expenditure on public-sector cloud services in the country will go up to $ 1.51 billion ($ 410 million) in 2022, from 439 million dirhams last year.In 2017-2022, only 31,650 jobs will be created from cloud services. In the same period, the number of jobs created by Microsoft technology was 23,800, and the report states.There are 55,450 jobs in the country. Last year, the company had supported 71,250 employees in Microsoft products sales, service and distribution networks. The study also suggests that cloud services can be used to validate the goal of digitalization of the UAE. The new trend is expected to reach Dh20 billion in the next four years.Last March, Microsoft announced that it would open new cloud data centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for customer service in the Middle East and Africa.


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