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Digital touch to the public, call for salt to advise


After all, KPJP was happy to change the future of politics and had come out of the party before the election and then everyone knew that the best party was built.The best social party in the coming Lok Sabha polls is ready to compete. Social media has gone to the party to reach people.It’s ‘salty 2’ a good public, who can understand?Upendra, who released their new Facebook page, mobile app and websites, has published mobile numbers on Twitter as well as calling them with any suggestions.
The app is provided with the opportunity to register a mobile app through the mobile app. In addition to this, Op is also allowed to complain about field issues. Upendra is likely to enter the Lok Sabha election with a new party Upendra, who has put forward a new examination for party ticket aspirants, is still in the same idea. Upendra is preparing to contest the Lok Sabha polls this time and has already invited applications from the ticket aspirants.


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