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The Mekadat plan can get green signal from the center anytime; CM


Chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said that the Center has received a positive response from the Center regarding the Mekadeatu project, which can be accepted at any time. Speaking to reporters after meeting Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, he said, “We have provided information on the goat crossing scheme to the Central Government. The minister has received a positive response from the goat crossing scheme. In addition, the Department of Forest and Environment said that the license was to be obtained.This time around 200 tmc of water is torn into the sea. This will be a great benefit if you use water during famine without wasting such a waste. These facts have been brought to their attention and they have also agreed. Mahadai is confident of getting legal approval for the Mekedatu project. We will work with our officials to work on this project, “he said.The central government should be allowed to use the water provided by Mahadevi. This is also requested. The Goa government has already filed a clarification petition. He said he would allow the use of water on the clearance of Goa. We have requested permission for water use without exception, “he said.# Talk about Highway Development:Chief Minister Kumara Swamy said that we have solved the repair of National Highways.
We have also discussed various road projects in the state with the Union Minister, he said, requesting the construction of projects to upgrade Chikmagalur, Whitefield, Banavasi and Sugarcane Roads.# Ministers Request:
Minister HD Ravanna submitted a separate appeal for the damage caused to the property of the PWD, including roads and bridges. Shimoga Ghat, National Highway 75 Shiradi Ghat, National 234 Charmadi Ghat, National Highway 169 A, Agumbe Ghat (Shimoga-Mangalore) heavy rainfall caused the damage caused to landslides, roads and bridges.In the petition submitted to Rajnath Singh, 2910 km of national highway, state highway and major district roads have been damaged due to floods and floods, 419 bridges and 72 public buildings have been damaged and Rs 2078.88 crore has been damaged. Assistance to the development of 7 national highways in the state. The rebuilding work needs to be taken urgently. The request is in favor of the assistance of Rs 1328.88 crore.


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