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40 year old man in blockade in 6 feet shed ..! One of England’s toughest events


In a six-foot-shaped shed, a paralyzed event that has been protected by police for nearly 40 years, has been held in Carlisle, England, in Cumbria. The 58-year-old British man is protected from a small tree shed of only six feet. He was kept in bondage (modern slavery) for 40 years (when the victim was 18). This bed had only one chair and a mat such as a mat.The 79-year-old accused was arrested on charges of slavery and illegal arrests this year. Officials have been subjected to medical treatment by a victim. The accused, who looks like a mental illness, are being investigated. The Gangmasters and Label Abuse Authority (GLAA) officials have taken action under certain circumstances and protected the slave victim from the location of the animal.He has been kept in the wooden box for the last 40 years. When we went to a six-foot jar to save him, he was worried about the threatened rabbit. Look at us and be terrified. He was sleeping in a bed. It was a place of stagnation that could not stand up and be able to hold hands. GLAA senior investigative officer Martin Plimmer described it as “a place where humans and animals were not inhabited.”He regretted that the victim was about 17-18 years old and had been tortured and tortured for 40 years. I have seen so many traumatic events of slavery and slavery. But this is very kind. Martine says that this guy is a great surprise in a quaint place for four decades.


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