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Tumkur’s beard is a hundred billion empire? Due to the murder?


The former mayor of Tumkur-Rowdishhester Beard Ravi did not even estimate that he could be killed. It is now understood that the business of Ravikumar alias Ravi, who saw his growth, the prosperity and the end of all the 39 years, was very large. The property he had proclaimed was more than fifty crore rupees. Businesses were out of reach. There were some politicians, police, and Ravi’s business relations with the Swami. The police officer who did not want to say the name was about the Audi car that he bought and who was in the name of it. One of the runners who ran for a while was Anjani’s disciple. When Anjani was murdered, the cap on the same team came to prominence and became a councilor. The next opportunity was to Ravi. It is true that there was a difference between the two. So Ravi was killed when Ravi was killed. Buying land worth crores of rupees Police, politicians are crazy Some police officials had purchased sites near Ravi. They did not even register for their name. And some have invested millions of rupees through Ravi. As Ravi became stronger, he was angry about some of his property, raising his money. Asked to campaign for a JDS politician, he was scared of buying Ravi for crores of rupees without spending money in the assembly elections. There is also debate about that politician who was in this regard.   It was not surprising that he contested assembly elections Be warned about the murder attempt Sketch for Ravi’s murder The police himself told him that efforts were in place. He also sent me alert. He is closely aware that Ravi is not aware of how this is happening. Ravi, who was always alert to my eye, knew recently that Rajeev’s negotiations with some of them were ready to compete for the district panchayat elections in Gumbi. Ravi said that despite the fact that he was contesting assembly elections for the fast growing, he would not be surprised.   Did not try to resolve emotion Ravi’s property, what is the story of money? There are enough police officers, politicians and entrepreneurs who have been paid for Ravi, who has been involved in a cheating business. Ravikumar has also been dealing with some as a benami for some people. The question is, what is the story of such assets, money, etc. by the murder of Ravi? It is not a great idea to resolve the dispute with Sujay Bhargava who is now surrendering to the police. But some people hate the two. Ravi has always been in the news for the murder of Subi and Sujay to kill Ravi.   There was a great family, power and money Growth is overwhelmed? Former mayor, the current councilor, Ravikumar, has a son. Now his wife is seven months pregnant. Despite all the name, money and power, Ravi is murdered at the Delta Bridge Bridge and is responsible for various types of reaction and suspicion. Ravi’s growth has been overwhelmed by the fact that his financial affairs, politics, hatred, mystery, and the motivation of what he did. In the case of Ravikumar’s murder, Sujay Bhargava, who is currently under police custody, should see what he is leaving.


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