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Good news for farmers: The best rainfall in the state


Though the overall monsoon rainfall in the state is considered good, farmers are not benefited. There has been a good rainfall in the state since last one week. The Indian Meteorological Department has announced that farmers are preparing for rearing sowing to bring fertilizer (northeast monsoon) in the current year.

Despite the good rainfall in the state during the pre-monsoon season, this time the situation was in 86 taluks of 22 districts inland, except coastal and Malenadu districts. Due to the drought-free cropping of rainfall, farmers are likely to have rainforest rainfall.
The current rains in Rajasthan from September 29 have started and the state and South India will enter the next two weeks. According to the Meteorological Department, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will have better rainfall than the previous year, with the monsoon cropping down to the peak of the state’s peasants.

Deficit of 3 per cent: 188.2 mm in state during recession The rainfall is the norm. According to the Meteorological Department this year, 89 to 111 per cent of 170 mm from 206 mm. There is likely to be rain. Last year, the state witnessed a deficit of 3% (181.9 mm) in the state.

Can you wait for Bangalore or Chennai?

In Bangalore, which falls to the lowest rainfall, about 40% of the annual precipitation occurs during the peak period. The weather department is now worried about the rainfall in Bangalore as it is expected to be normal or heavy rainfall. There is also a threat to the floods in the city as it is forecast to be 112 per cent in Tamil Nadu.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the state of South India will have better rainfall than normal and normal rainfall. Rainforest rainfall is essential for farmers of Kolar and Bangalore Rural districts. If the rainfall during the monsoon season is good, the drinking water problem will be solved during the summer season.

State Rainfall Profile

Eastern monsoon – 13 per cent

Monsoon – 70%

Rice – 17%

How much time does it work?

Monsoon – 67 per cent

Rice – 30%

Summer – 3%

State Rainfall Profile (mm)

East Monsoon – 123


Rice – 188.2



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