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Fortune did not help; Mumbai lost to Jamshedpur


Mumbai FC won two goals in a row but lost two goals. Mumbai had a two-wicket haul in the second half after being bowled out for the first half.

Meanwhile, Jamshedpur FC emerged victorious with two goals in Spanish power. Jamshedpur’s victory over Spanish goalkeeper Mario Arquez (28) and Pablo Morgado (90 + 5) has scored goals. With this, Jamshedpur FC scored three points. Jamshedpur FC took the lead in the 28th minute. Jamshedpur’s goal was to coach the Spanish players Carlos Calvo and Mario Arques.
The Jamshedpur team made a good start to the box, but the ball was placed in front of the box. The loaded arcus headers move towards the Mumbai net.

Mumbai scored two goals in the second half but offsaid. Jamshedpur also scored a second goal, losing to Mumbai Indians.


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