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Amitabh Tries Being Hip on Instagram


If you’ve been on Bollywood Twitter at all, you know that Amitabh Bachchan’s tweets can be… eccentric to say the least. The star is known for his off-the-cuff remarks, vague metaphors and indecipherable numbering system.

Well, a quick survey reveals that Big B’s Instagram account is no different. Perhaps the lack of a character limit allows him to go even longer with his wistful compositions. It’s all the absurdity of his Twitter account, but more and with pictures!

This afternoon, Amitabh went on an Insta spree of sorts, posting three very different pictures with some especially curious captions. The first one, a shot of himself adjusting his hair in a mirror, comes with the message ” … On fleek !!!” Cool.

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… On fleek !!!

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The next was an old photograph of Abhishek, captioned ” … ?? you look like sauce !!”


We have to admit, this one took some time for us to break apart. After multiple trips to Urban Dictionary, the office came to conclusion that ‘sauce’ here must mean something similar to ‘confidence’. Still, it feels like Bachchan saab is trying hard but not there yet.

The third picture, posted within an hour of the first, is a wide shot of Amitabh sitting on stage at some sort of Swachh Bharat event. The caption here is ” … you are lit ???”


Okay, so this one baffled us. One is barely able to make out Amitabh and the other guests in the picture and there doesn’t seem to be anything “lit” or “tilted face with tears of joy” emoji about the sombre affair.

The general feeling one gets from Amitabh’s posts is this meme basically.


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