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What do you know about the fog of the brain that empties the brain ….?


Did you ever forget that the brain was out of the blank, the intention behind the writing was half the way the next words were shining or sometimes entering the room? This experience will be at least one occasion for everyone. Such a condition is known as brandy fog. Simply put, the brain is frosty.

Bray’s fog is a symptom of mind. It may be a sign of illness or lifestyle. It affects the different functions of the brain, including memory, calculating capacity, visibility visibility and size awareness, information processing, the ability to use and understand language.
Reasons for Bray Fag

Lack of ►

Not enough sleep is one of the reasons why Brayne is fogged. The lack of sleep varies with the function of the brain cells that communicate with each other. This will cause a temporary mental breakdown and will minimize the memory. Within a few hours of sleep, the mind is blurred and concentration decreases. At least 7-8 hours of night need good sleep.

► Food

Is your body getting enough vitamins B12? Otherwise, foods rich in vitamin B12 should be part of your meal. This vitamin supports brain function and its deficiency leads to brain injury. Also, excessive sugar, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and caffeine intake may vary with brain function.

► Harmonic Changes

Hormonal changes also cause fraught fog. Hormonal changes in pregnancy or menopause especially in women have an effect on brain function.


Chronic mental stress can make the person hard to think on any subject because it causes a lot of pressure on the brain and makes it tired. This reduces thinking power, reasoning, and concentration.

► drugs

Medications can also affect brain function. Chemotherapy drugs used in cancer treatment can minimize the person’s memory and concentration. Sleep tablets and antidepressant medications can cause mental confusion by increasing the repetition.


Self-immune diseases, such as fibromyalgia, long-term fatigue, anemia, depression, diabetes, migraines, alzheimer’s disease, hypothyroidism, dehydration and arthritis, which can cause irreparable pain in the muscles, make Brianne Fogg.

How long is the brew’s fog?

Usually this condition can last from a few hours to a few days or weeks. This period depends entirely on factors that are in your control, especially on lifestyle factors. If you are suffering from bryonyfog drugs, then this problem will be lost even after they stop eating.

Features of the Bray Fog

The symptoms of this problem include headaches, lack of strength or fatigue, difficulty concentration, irritability, forgiveness, tension, frustration, psychological confusion, and lack of sleep.

If the symptoms of Bray’s fog appear, it is necessary to visit the doctor immediately.


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