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Kapil Dev, who holds 80 lives in Jessi’s hands, honors Shantanpara; Explaining the moments started by the Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation bus bus to Kokil; The Ordadox Church welcomes Kapil after ‘News’ news


The Shantanapara Panchayat decided to honor Kapil Dev, the JCB operator who rescued the bus which started off to Coca and the lives of 80 people in it. It was decided to honor the Panchayat Conference Hall on October 6th. Shantanpara panchayat president Jisha Dilip wrote to Kapil about this. On the last 20th, the Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation’s bus control near Poopara slipped into Kokka. At this time, Kapil, who was working on the construction work, rescued passengers by stabbing the bus using JCB.

But no one even spoke a congratulatory word even after days of saving. The Malayalee had given news about this. The panchayat rulers decided to honor Kapil, who was in Poopara on the night of April 20. The driver was running into a repair road and lost control of the bus and fled to Coca. Dev, seen by the operators of the engine, landed on the golden earth movers, which had been involved in the construction of the National Highway.

The speeding machine was blocked at the top of the bus and stopped by the passengers. Travelers said that the bus running from the Bodinayakkannur-Rajadu route was running from the start to the wrong direction on the road. Dreaded travelers made noise but the driver did not care. The passengers said they had dropped the bus in two jeeps that were going with the workers before they reached Poopara. The Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation’s bus mines carrying 80 people, including Mariani, to Kokka, stopped using an armpit for an hour.

Kapil Dev has been the JSB operator for the past seven years. Last week, the contract was signed on the Munnar-Munnar road road construction. Kapil Dev was in a job transferred using rock JCB, which was busted for road construction in Poopara near Rajaadu on Wednesday, the day of the accident. During this time Kapil Dev was working on the soil and damaged the chain of the machine and crashed. The side of the road was stopped when the chain broke.

The workers and the workers were in a bid to bring back a tons of heavy duty chains separated from the machine. It was then that the cry came from their ears before they could see the bus ringing with sad sounds. The train was very close to look back. The totally wrong side of the bus came out with a loud noise. The wheels on the right were pulled out of the road and the vehicle was pulled on the road because of the engine parts of the cart. By that time he was stuck with the train.

A bus that switches to the big creek on the right. Without knowing what to do, Kapil reassured himself and jumped into his JCB and quickly made it stride. The machine was pulled out of it. The machine quickly moved towards the bus. Knowing that there was no chain on one side, it took almost entirely oblique bus to the machine without the safety of his or her machine. Almost entirely completed and other workers from Basil released passengers in a snap. The bus junts were released by the way. For about an hour, the bus was used to hold the machine with the machine until another JCB arrived. Later the bus was drawn.

At the same time, JCB could not play Kapil’s performance. The JCB commite appreciated for saving those lives using their machine. JCB has congratulated Kapil on the India Twitter page. The next day JCB’s South Zone manager Ravi told Malayalee that Kapilin would be honored directly with the company. Such a decision was taken after news of Kapil’s rescue operation through the media. Kapil has collected information through JCB’s Kottayam dealer Ajit. Later, JCB told Headquartetz. It was decided to be honored by the advice from there.

As part of this, the representatives of the company reached home at Vadasseri, Kapil. The group also shook the condition of the house in the floods and the disaster. He repeatedly repeats how he used the rescue operation to the place where the accident occurred, with the same JCB. All of these were copied by the company by the company. The company is able to know how it is to be honored only after delivering these visuals to the company authorities.


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