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Drive to our crop-our price movement


The “Our Crop – Our Price” movement has been launched by the Karnataka Janatha Parishad to protect the lives of peasants. Ramesh Gowda, the president of the venue,

It is said that away from the mediators, it is possible that self-living can be built by selling farmers who are grown. Farmers were encouraged to sell rice, rice, vegetables, water, lemon juice and coconut in place.

Rainfall is decreasing from day to day. In some areas, the rainfall is overwhelming. The ecosystem of micro-organisms in the soil is in ruins, and thus the decline of agricultural land. Natural biodiversity is damaged by chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

The leaders have been bored that millions of farmers are suicidal as a result of crop failure.
Farmers have argued that land, water, fertilizers, seed, markets should always be under the control of farmers, not by any company or government.


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