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BBMP prepares for Mayor election tomorrow


Regional Commissioner Shivyogi Kaushad has said that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the Bangalore Metropolitan Constituency will be allocated for the polls at the Kempegowda civic hall in BBMP tomorrow at 11.30 pm. Speaking at a press conference, he said the mayor was reserved for the general category for general women and deputy mayor.

BBMP members have 198 members, Rajya Sabha members 09, Lok Sabha members 05, MLAs 19 and MLAs from Bangalore have 28 voting rights. A total of 259 members have voting rights.

Tomorrow, from 8 am to 9.30 pm, we have the opportunity to submit a nomination and make the election ready. They appealed to everyone to come and sit in the scheduled seat. There are some restrictions on the election and passers are allowed only for entry. He said elections will be held at Le Pondobast. The 12th Standing Committee has not expired. So these seats will be held later, “he said.


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