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Listen to those who hand the marriage feasts and banquets to the catering units; Food Security Department’s warning


Food Security Department warns of caution when catering to catering cabins and catering units. The Food Security Department has been instructed to take precautionary measures due to reports of food poisoning in catering supplements in catering units in marriage, entertainment, party and banquet.The Catering Unit should ensure that the Food Safety License (FSAA license) exists. Make sure you view the license. The Kannur Assistant Commissioner also directed that the drinking water test will be conducted by the Catering Unit and the workers of the Catering unit should ensure that they have medical fitness certificates.
Ensure that you have the necessary facilities for cooking and distribution of food directly to the catering unit. Ensure that you have access to food items. Organization Name and Information for all Services FS Sah Buy a bill with a note. The auditorium / attractions of the program should ensure that the FSA license includes a water checked report and containers. Inform the details of Kannur district food safety assistant commissioner in the number 8943346193 or toll-free number 1800 425 1125 on the details of non-cooperative activities. In case of food poisoning / diarrhea vomiting, the rest of the food items should be reported to the District Food Safety Assistant Commissioner in the refrigerator without any damage.Catering units should take care of the following issues, said the Food Security Department. Catering units License and white checking report should be ensured. Water should be done three months to check. Perform medical fitness test of employees for six months. The personnel of the employees must comply with cleanliness.Find out the source of meat / pork / pork Buy and purchase from firms with registration of the FSSA. Save the name of the firms and other details of the purchase and register in the register. The meat / poultry / pork should be washed clean and dried in 18 degrees C.
Ensure looking at the date of manufacture of other commodities used. Use only the spice, the powder, the oil and the oil you use.The food items prepared for use should be stored at a unique temperature and transported at maximum temperature at the same temperature in vehicles. Ensure that the heat consumption should be 60 degrees centigrade and the cold at five degrees centigrade.Be careful of the quality of food before you use it. Check out the benefits, smell and taste of food items directly. Do not use any obvious change. Make sure you have the convenience to do it before taking over the catering. The food security department said that the customer should make clear the exact billing, license, water inspection report, and medical fitness certificate.


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