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Flight Emergency Door for the Suite: What’s It?


If the child comes to the toilet, he has to do the same for Bhatta madaralla to go to the toilet. A strange incident occurred at Go Air, when a man traveling on an airplane was trying to remove the emergency exit door while flying on the plane instead of opening the toilet door. The incident took place on September 22 at G8149, a moving go-air flight between Delhi-Patna and the pilgrimage of the incident, which did not leave the exit gate instead of opening the shaft.A total of 150 passengers in the standard have decided to go to the toilet, and he has attempted to open the emergency gateway of the aircraft, mistakenly saying he is opening the door to the toilet.Travelers immediately warned the crew of the crew while observing a person’s mishap. Immediately stopped the person from opening an emergency exit gate.The plane was taken to the airport police station and was interrogated when the plane landed at Patna station. A private bank employee in Ajmer, Rajasthan, has confessed to the investigation that he had gone to open an emergency exit gate.The man has been booked for the first time and has been allowed to go with his family in the Kankarbagh area of ​​Patna after the trial ends, sources said.


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