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Jean Drive on mosquitoes to control malaria; In the successful way of testing


There are many experiments going on to control mosquitoes that are spreading malaria. But scientists are trying to solve this problem through engineering. It is known as Jean Drive. The method of genetically modified mosquitoes is to control the reproductive ability of mosquitoes.

In this way, the mosquito propagation will eliminate new mosquitoes up to 11 years. It is possible to eliminate the spread of diseases such as malaria that transmit anopheles mosquitoes. The Imperial College team in London has been experimenting with this for over 10 years. Professor Andrei Crescandi said, “The latest experiments are that the test is going on in the path of success.”

Removing mosquitoes by changing the DNA will affect the further reproductive process. The researchers estimate that they can reduce the number of these and prevent them from carrying the disease.

This technology is currently tested only on mosquitoes in the Anophilus gambia species. This is due to the spread of malaria in different parts of Africa.

The World Health Organization warned that the countries of the world were far behind in controlling malaria. In 2016, 216 million people were affected by malaria. 445,000 people died. The disease is most commonly found in the Sahara parts of Africa. Neonatal babies and young children are most likely addicted to malaria.

The new technology is intended to eliminate XX genes (Female genes). Thereby prevent reproduction. You can delete 7 to 11 generations by this way.

Scientists intend to conduct experiments in a more detailed manner in the larger lab. It is also intended to expand this technology into different countries.


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