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Dr.Rajkumar kidnapping accused guilty!


Veerappan was dead on death In a significant development 18 years ago, The court has abolished all the accused in the case of Rajkumar who was kidnapped by Dantakora Veerappan and his associates. Veerappan had kidnapped Rajkumar from the house of Gajnur in the Tamil Nadu border on July 30, 2000. This issue was responsible for heavy violence in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Both states have worked hard to solve Raj. Finally 108 days later, Veerappan released Raj without any trouble.The chargesheet was filed against eight people, including Veerappan. However, Veerappan, Sethukudi Govindan, Rangasamy died on trial. The remaining five were in jail for the defamation case.The court’s verdict in Gopichettipalayam of Erode district in connection with the case has been abolished by all accused.


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