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Mumbai Man Saves Girl’s Life Twice in One Night


Syed Nasser Hussain, a plumbing material store owner in Deonar, proved to be the hero of a class 12 girl whom he saved from killing herself twice in the same night. Having learnt from the past two experiences of saving women from killing themselves, where in both instances, the women were about to jump from a bridge – this time was no different for Hussain. In fact, this time Hussain, after saving the girl from jumping from the bridge, also made sure she doesn’t hurt herself when she was alone. As he was going home after shutting his shop, Hussain noticed a woman walking barefoot on the bridge. Remembering that in the past instances, both the women were barefoot, Hussain took note and before he could even stop his bike, the girl climbed the railing to jump. He dropped his bike and managed to grab her in time.After this incident, Hussain spent about an hour or so counselling her and knowing the reason behind this drastic step. It was a heart-break, her boyfriend had cheated on her. He then took the girl home to find out that her parents were away. After he let the girl in with the help of neighbours, Hussain left. However, as he was riding back home, he had a feeling that the girl might hurt herself again. Going with his gut, Hussain turned his bike around and went back, only to see that he was right. The girl had hung herself. Doing his bit (again), Hussain took the girl to a nearby hospital. He has, since then, gone to check on the girl twice. Hussain said that the girl needs to be taken care of. He also told her father to support her in her education, in order to make sure she grows up into a confident woman for whom, unfaithfulness of a man isn’t the end of the world.That night, the small business owner’s past experiences and gut feeling saved a life. As said by Mumbai Mirror, all of that would have failed, if Hussain did not have what most in people in these cities lack – time to stop and help a fellow human being.The girl’s father was also grateful to Hussain. he said, “had he (Hussain) not been there, I would have lost my daughter. He saved her twice, I can’t thank him enough.”


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