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Offer after marriage is not low: Meghana Raj


Here’s what Meghana said about her new film ‘All That Is Left’, and After Marriage.

1. Offer after marriage is not short: I have heard the words of Kannada actresses coming after marriage. Or there are words that most of them are limited to women’s films. But only such a experience has not been for me. Fortunately, I did not offer the offer even after marriage. So many directors have met me so far. One of these projects is in the final stage of the project.

2. All that is left is a movie:The first film on screen is after marriage. The film was shot before marriage. The role of the previous name is mine. A girl from 25 to 30 years old. Here are three facets of her personality that are professionally important to private life. She was a fine girl. This is usually the opposite of my real life. I do not know how another style of life is called Live in Together, I am a pure South Indian girl. It is my theory that there is a style of life according to the rituals and traditions here. However, it is quite a challenge when acting in that role. I acted like that character.

3. No one told me that acting should not be: What is the next question after marriage? I doubt whether or not it will act. But there is no restriction on my case. The two families know what the industry is. Also, Chiru is an actor. Both of them know what we mean. So acting as my interest continues. Chiru advises me. I also advise them. I do not even offer an offer after some marriage. Listening to the story.

4. There is a desire to appear in the same movie:Everyone has such a desire. We have the desire to appear in the same movie. At present there is no such opportunity. If they get that opportunity one day, they are sure to act in the same movie.


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