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Lalankimal did not say that movie! Kalyani! That is the response


Priyadarshan is an accomplished director who has been a part of many superhero films. He had spoken in South Indian films without any language. He is in love with Lissi and hence lives up to the star. Lizzi pursued a regular style of acting actors after marriage. They had two sons as their guest. Kalyani is the daughter who followed her father and mother. Lissy split from Priyadarshan after the differences deteriorated. This was a surprise to the fans.

Mammootty settled that solution! Mallika Sukumaran was a demand for the emotional wave!

Both the father and the mother were never affected by the fact that they both had strong support in any matter. Kalyani’s silver screen is through Telugu movie ‘Hello’. Sabu worked with Artillery in the Krrish 3. The actor told her that she would like to act in the lead with the experiences behind the camera. Daggubatri said that he was accompanied by strong support from father, mother and family friends. She has won the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award in the first Telugu film. Stay tuned to know what the wedding is saying about it.

Mammootty disappointed? Can Kuttanadan blog be a box office? On the first day? See!

And stood up with strong support
She came to films after finishing her research in Architecture. Camera was the first to run. In the meanwhile, he told his father about the desire to act. My father said that acting is not easy and I have to make a decision. Even telling her mother got the best support. They both participated in public events in cinema together. Both were very happy with their daughter’s debut.
Mohanlal’s response

Langkali and his family know from childhood. When we saw hello, I did not say anything. Responds to the response. His love and affection were in it. He later wrote about his performance through Facebook. The girl says she is very happy when she sees it. It’s a big thing to see someone like him.

In the film fare with her mother

This is the first time the award was received. The mother often attends the Filmfare Awards. This time her mother did not go wrong. He was accompanied by Amma to attend the event. Calling his name and receiving it, it seemed like a sponge. He was shaking with joy. There was also the joy of being with her mother.
In my father’s film

I want to work together with my father. The actor says that he is looking for a chance to do Malayalam films. She also said that she hoped that her father would be able to work together. He was accompanied by an active presence of his daughter through Hello.
I am very friendly with the father

Mohanlal’s son Pranavanna is very good with his father. He was terrified of adventure from childhood. He does not seem to make it easy for him to make the Parker scenes easy at first. Gossips show that he and he are in love. We had laughing on this and said that we had laughing earlier. Earlier reports had already spread that both are in love.
Call to Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna came to rescue his father when he was in Flop. He then called for immediate return to Hyderabad. My father thought that he would stay away from the film due to failing failure. But he wanted to do a Telugu film without making any of that. That movie became a super hit.
You have to work with the son

This time he called with another omission. His request was to play the daughter of Akhil Akkinen, who was one of the Telugu superstars. When he realized that he had directed the film, he decided to act in Seoul. The actress made her debut in a debut film.


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