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Coach and players in both teams


There is a difference between the coach and the players in the Indian team. Ashwin, who is a member of the team, India lost to England in the fourth Test due to disputes over Ashwin’s poor bowling.

Coach Ravi Shastri had spoken to Ashwin at the press conference. Vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane reacted by saying that Ashwin had done better

Ravi Shastri had said that Ashwin had failed to take advantage of the pitch in the fourth Test. Ashwin, who made his Test debut in the last Test, said: Cheteshwar Pujara also came up with Ashwin supporting Ashwin after the bad run at the Southampton Test.

Ashwin was out of the fifth Test and did not play in the fifth Test. Ravindra Jadeja has replaced Ashwin in the fifth Test. Virat Kohli has not yet responded to the incident.


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