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Serious injury to Hanan’s spinal cord; Surgery


A carbon footprints of a Hanan vertebrae are underway to cause surgery.

He is under treatment at the Medical Trust Hospital in Ernakulam due to serious injuries.

Hanan was returning after a stage show at Kodungallur.

Hanan’s car in which he was traveling had left the control and hit him in an electric post.

One of them was hit by the car when the car was crossing the road. The injured have been admitted to a private hospital in Hanan constituency.

She was later shifted to Medical Trust Hospital in Kochi for treatment.

An accident occurred in the hands of Hanan and other parts of the body

Hanan seized the news when he sold fish in school uniform. Directed by Arunagoppin, Pranav has been offered a chance to do the movie with Mohanlal.

Meeting with the seller and fishing business and the eventual management of the event, Hanan is earning money for the study of collage.

Hanan is a student of Alacorcology, Thodupuzha. Hanan is a third year chemistry student.


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