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They walked along the street in Paris, grabbed one by one. The 19-year-old daughter of Obama and her boyfriend later poked with camera eyes


Former US President Barack Obama’s older daughter, Malia Obama, has been controversial. The pictures of the 19-year-old Malia, who had been lured into Paris by the lone wardrobe, are now staring at the latest controversy. Malia and mummy followed the paparazzi with camerons. When Mali and her lover came to pay a weekend in Paris, they broke down on the street.
On Sunday afternoon, Mali climbed up with her boyfriend Rory Farkührssen’s hand. Malia Vallis was a mini-dress and boots that she usually wear. Then she came to the hotel and went to Malia Sea Bay. Mali and Rory came to Big Concert and were together with their mother, Michelle Obama, sister Sasha, and friends. This concert took place on Sunday in Paris.

At this point, Malia came out with pictures of two friends and looking at the Rory Stage. Michelle was delighted with the joy he and his two children enjoyed together. The Obama family is spending all of the time in the Martha’s Wine Yard in August. Malik was unable to enjoy this trip because she was busy going to college last year. Malia has been enjoying this journey since vacation this year. With her boyfriend Rory has her doubts too much.

Malia is also a source of controversy. The 19-year-old man named Rory Furukhurson kissed the 19-year-old girl in the haward-ya football match in November last year. In June last year, Lionloupa Music Festival in Chicago was also a viral video of former Malia Obama fallen on the road in midnight.

In the year 2016, Malia’s superstar has been a media player in the middle of the television. The suspicion that Malia’s molestation was on the scene was also sparked by massive criticism.


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